Lin Yi-Shih KMT Scandal Continues to Unravel

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Wednesday July 18, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

As the KMT corruption scandal continues to unravel, an interesting twist or irony came out; Lin Yi-Shih had failed the lie detector test; and as could be said, like mother, like son came true in reverse. Lin's mother, Shen Juo-lan failed the lie detector test as well when she was brought in by the Special Investigation Division (SID) as well. Lin's mother is the one that was caught stuffing some NT$18 million dollars into plastic bags and throwing them into a nearby pond--presumably to be retrieved later on. She also was burning an large sum of US$ dollars in her backyard.

So who else was involved? With Lin lying, and his mother lying, the SID should have some clue that they should pursue this further; yet, they are reluctant to do so, and are dragging their feet.

What is the SID's problem? Perhaps they feel em barassed that they have to investigate KMT involvement; it seems they just don't want to go down that road in the pursuit of justice. Sound familiar.