Ma Ying-jeou Sacrifices One Part of His Fairy Tale

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Friday May 25, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Ma Ying-jeou always like to quote and cling to the Republic of China (ROC's) outdated Constitution of 1947. In the original constitution, delegates from Mongolia were among those to be elected to the National Assembly. Later that article was changed and the National Assembly was done away with. Ironically this took place with the wording "To meet the requisites of the nation's prior to national unification." Did I read national unification in the additional articles? Unfortunately that is true, even though Ma pledged no unification during his presidency. But return to Mongolia and how it was not listed as part of the "free area"of the ROC.

In case there may still be confusion as to Mongolia's status, the Ministry of the Interior made it offical; Mongolia is not a part of the nation's territory, real or fairy tale real.

Minister Lai Shin-yuan via the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) was quoted as saying Mongolia is not part of the nation's existing national boundaries. One can jokingly imagine the Mongolians breathing a huge sigh of relief that they don't have to go to war to defend their sovereignty.

However, for those that may be worried; the MAC chief did not deny that the large land mass of China still belongs to the ROC. At least one fairy tale lives on.