Ma Ying-jeou's Minister of Justice Again Drops the Ball

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Saturday April 28, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Ho hum, another KMT convicted criminal is allowed to run the streets or run to China whatever it may be. Notice the double standard that continues in Taiwan. Lo Fu-chu, a former KMT legislator guilty of fraud, forgery and money laundering and sentenced to four years in prison after his conviction. He was then told to report at a later date to the prison to begin serving his term and surprise, surprise, he did not show up. However as we look back at the case of Chen Shui-bian, he was put in prison even before his trial, what gives? And while in prison before his trial, Chen was not allowed privacy with his lawyers to plan his defense. But Lo, well he seemed to have freedom even until he was convicted. He was simply told to show up and report to prison. Do we have two standards here? Please, don't even ask me about Diane Lee's case and her conviction.