Another Credibility Question for the KMT post Elections

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Saturday February 11, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Sean Chen, Taiwan's Premier designate recently announced his upcoming cabinet; in it it was found that about one third of the 47 positions had been reshuffled. That seemed fairly normal; no drastic changes, yet some changes to give some new blood a chance etc. However, one question did come up. Chen announced that all of the Cabinet members had been chosen because of their skills and how they matched their respective positions. Again all well and good, but...

Then came the final matter; they were all chosen regardless of their ethnicity or party affiliation. Well, well, well, regardless of party affiliation? That is interesting, so how many of the 47 were members of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) or Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU)?

Say what?? Are you telling me that of all the 47 positions there was no one in the DPP or TSU (i.e. regardless of party affiliation) who had the skills for even one nomination? One does not have to appoint members of opposition parties etc., but if one is going to make a declaration that the appointments were made regardless of party affiliation, then one is deliberately insulting the opposition or causing questions of credibility to one's statements.