King Pu-tsung Says KMT Does Not Use Slogans???

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Wednesday September 21, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Oh noooo! In the category of I can't believe it, King Pu-tsung, the snake-oil salesman par excellance had the gall to say that the KMT does not use slogans. King said in LA that statistics proved that the KMT was a practical party in power. Am I missing something here??? How would one classify 6-3-3?? Is that a slogan? Is it a promise? Is it a lie? Is it an impractical statement of a party that has proven its incompetence in economics? Is the flim-flam man at it again?

And then of course we have "No unification, No Independence, No Military Action" i.e. "No Nothing!, No Sense! No Brains" Is he trying to insult the Taiwanese?

In the first four years of Ma's so-called Golden Decade, Taiwanese have simply to ask themselves, "how much has our economy improved?" Is the money flowing in? Are homes cheaper? Have salaries gone up? Are we better off than we were four years ago? Are we stupid?