Ma Ying-joke's Flexible Diplomacy Fails Taiwan Again

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Thursday August 18, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan's President Ma Ying-joke continues to find it hard to run the country simply by uttering platitudes. He likes to boast about how his flexible diplomacy works. Works for what? For further humiliation of Taiwan's sovereignty. The latest dropping of the ball by the Foreign Ministry is the listing of the Taiwan film "Seediq Bale" as coming from China, Taiwan.

One wonders if Taiwan's Foreign Ministry is just as inept as the President or if it is his lack of direction as to what "flexible diplomacy" is to achieve that is the problem.

We have "Chinese Taipei," then "Taiwan, China" and now "China, Taiwan." It leaves the question, does anyone know what or how to give Taiwan dignity and protect its sovereign status? Is MOFA asleep at the wheel, or just lost without a compass or sense of direction as to Taiwan. Unfortunately there is no platitude that Ma can utter to solve this one. It is time to dump Ma to save Taiwan.