KMT Leaders Display Lack of Sense of What Democracy is About

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Saturday August 06, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou who stumbles as he tries to maintain that the shell name of the Republic of China (ROC) is a viable entity allegedly respected in the world and the legitimate claimant of what is really "one China," will also state that he is Taiwanese whenever election time draws near. But this year he has added another claim when he stated that he is a descendant of the Yellow Emperor. Amazing of course that he traced that ancestry back through Hong Kong all the way to some 2000 plus years past. Somehow I guess he felt that if he is a descendant of the Yellow Emperor then Taiwanese should bow down and automatically elect him.

Not to be outdone however, is Wu Den-yih, Ma's running mate as Vice President for the upcoming 2012 elections. Wu and his wife like to go to the fortune teller and this year, low and behold, the fortune teller told Wu's wife that he has an Emperor's destiny. Such drama and such promise for Taiwan. Imagine to have two KMT candidates who link themselves with Emperor's ambitions. I don't suppose that someone never told them that Taiwan is a democracy now.

But this even purports greater drama; if Wu has an Emperor's destiny, and if Emperor Ma were elected next year (perish the thought) would Wu wait around four years to make his own claim to the throne. OR... would Wu, in MacBeth fashion find a way to "eliminate" Yellow Emperor Ma and make his claim to the throne? Stay tuned, while the KMT tries to drag Taiwan back to the past one-party state days of the KMT, who knows what will happen?