Ma's Young Troops, Another "Taiwan Up" Experience

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Thursday July 28, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Back in Taiwan after a refreshing ten days in Switzerland so I will be posting again in earnest. The papers had a photo of Ma's Young Supporters trying to look hip by posing with signs saying "I'm a ROC-er" Someone does need to get them an English consultant. It reminds us of the New Year when Ma and Taipei Mayor Hau went around chanting "Taiwan Up!" which caused its own confusion since it could among other things be confused with the more vulgar expression, "Up Yours!" making one wonder "Taiwan Up What?" Regardless, here were Ma's young not saying that they were Taiwanese, but preferring to stick with the outmoded ROC moniker which represents the country that left the UN before it got kicked out back in 1970.

Ah, life in the big city of Taipei; besides backing away from stating that they were Taiwanese, something that Ma has no trouble saying when it is election time, they still should have checked the rules for articles. A is used before consonant sounds, not just consonants, whereas An is used before vowel sounds and not just vowels. So the expression should have read, "I'm an ROC-er." But that is what keeps life interesting here; stay tuned for the MOFA problems in having competent people even with cushy assignments like Fiji.