Election Time Taiwan; Ma Ying-joke's Dilemma

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Friday July 08, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Election time is fast approaching in Taiwan and no one is struggling more to balance things than Taiwan's President, Ma Ying-jeou, (a.k.a. Ma Ying-joke to some of his detractors) Ma who also has the name of "Sell-out Ma" had been boasting about his make friends-with-China is working now all of a sudden has become conscious that it may be reinforcing his sell out image. Thus he has told China that he wants them to slow down their visits until after the election.

Recently as well, Chinese tourists have been wanting to hug Ma as the sell-out king; they would have never wanted to do that with Lee Teng-hui or Chen Shui-bian, so why do they want to do it with Ma? The answer is obvious, Ma is not Taiwanese like Lee or Chen; Hong Kong born Ma's heart is in China. But he cannot say that right now since it is election time and he has to convince the Taiwanese that he is really for him.

Ah the dilemma's that Ma faces; this is only the beginning.