Tales of the Bandits Taiwan-style, the KMT and PFP

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Tuesday June 07, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Chen Shui-bian sits in jail for supposedly misusing campaign funds and supposedly accepting bribes though it seems now that the Prosecutors brow-beat the witnesses to falsify testimony against him. (One has already admitted to that via his lawyers) Not to worry, on the KMT side of the aisle James Soong who was accused of making off with US$8 million dollars of KMT campaign funds in what is called the Chung Hsing Bills Finance scandal is all of a sudden forgiven by the KMT, and prosecutors for misuse and pocketing of campaign funds are no where to be found. Now why is that?

Well it is election time and the KMT looks like it is angling for all the help it can get so it does not want to offend the PFP; ah yes, it is nice to see how justice is tossed out the window when the threat of Ma and the KMT losing the election looms on the horizon.

Whether James Soong embezzled it or not, the KMT which had been saying it would drop charges if all were returned, now even seems to be willing to forego that if Soong will only encourage the PFP, his party, to help out in the election. and of course Chen Shui-bian still sits in jail. Is there a double standard of justice in Taiwan?? You judge.