Ma Ying-jeou, the Puppet of Beijing

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Tuesday May 10, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Once again, Taiwan has witnessed that the word of Ma Ying-joke is a hollow as an empty gourd. After years of Ma telling the Taiwanese that he is protecting its sovereignty, that he would not mention independence and that he would not move toward unification, reality exposes his deception. Ma touted that the observer status that he has gained Taiwan as Chinese Taipei in the World Health Assembly (WHA) was a great achievement. A recent memo reveals that this was and still is a sham.

First one must remember that the observer status Taiwan has is a year by year status; it must always be approved by China. China can dump Taiwan at will and deny its status whenever it wants. Is that a great achievement by Ma?

Second, the memo revealed that Taiwan shall always be spoken of as a Province of China. Is this Ma protecting Taiwan's dignity? Is this Ma protecting Taiwan's sovereignty?

The Phony Pony has unfortunately once again deceived Taiwan. Ma's so-called "great achievements" are shams, just like his boasting that Taiwan's economic strength is achieved by his pushing Taiwan into China's arms. In Ma's so-called great breakthrough in gaining Taiwan the puppet year by year observer status dependent on Beijing's approval, Taiwan continues to be kept in the status of slave to Beijing. Stay tuned to follow this; it is but one more of the deceits that Ma holds up to Taiwan as accomplishments.