Taichung, Jason 'Good-Time'Charlie' Hu Dodges One Impeachment Bullet So Far

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Thursday May 05, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taichung, the city where you get the crap that you voted for has continued to have some bad days recently. It seems the chickens have finally started to come home to roost there as noted by recent events. All involved the KMT Mayor of eight years and voted in for another four years who just dodged an impeachment bullet. The recent issue was the pub fire written about. To refresh reader's memories,on March...ancer at ALA Pub accidentally set fire to a ceiling during a performance. Fires happen, but this pub has not been properly zoned for over ten years, and it had somehow always passed safety inspections. It even passed some 21 in the past 5 years, the most recent just being in December. So who is in charge of the city?

Taichung is the city where the police play mahjong with the gangsters even during working hours. And of course Jason 'Good-Time-Charlie-Where's-the-Party' Hu has been in charge for the past 8 years. Does the buck stop with him? It seems that this KMT personage avoids responsibility like the plague. He only does videos like "Hu's Girls" with young damsels for election.

He dodged this responsibility but heads rolled under him. However, he may not be out of the woods yet. Stay tuned.

However, all that said, Hu further had the audacity to show up at the funeral of the youth that died in the blaze, supposedly to show his grief for something he should have controlled in the first place. Ask yourself this question. If your child died in the blaze at an illegal pub that Jason Hu's inspectors consistently passed and kept passing off as safe, would you be happy to see his roly-poly face at their funeral? In that loosely run city, one can only guess how high up the greased palms went.