Taiwan as the World Turns: KMT Legislator John Chiang Wants a Return to Cronyism

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Sunday May 01, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

In recent developments in the KMT selection process for the legislature, John Chiang lost a close race to Lo Shu-lei. Though Chiang is the illegitimate son of Chiang Ching-kuo and is called "John the Illegitimate by some," he has still used family connections to keep him on the payroll. Now when the good old boy cronyism did not come trough for him he is crying foul.

Lo Shu-lei is known for her hard work and dedication--more than can be said for Chiang. She is also interested in party improvement; she does not want to be a lawmaker just to parrot party lines. Yet Chiang cried foul and said she was using smear tactics. Is pointing out the fact that you work harder than Chiang a smear tactic? Is pointing out the fact that you care more about Taiwan than Chiang a smear tactic?

John the Illegitimate further covered himself with irony with his cries of being smeared since he used smear tactics to try to discredit the scholars and writers who signed the letter (ref. the April 11 posting) challenging the KMT's abuse of power. Instead of responding to the issues that the letter brought up, John the Illegitimate made all sorts of wild claims with no substance. What goes around comes around and more.

Whether Lo Shu-lei will represent the KMT or the good old boy cronyism will win out, we will have to watch. Follow this one as a KMT parrot tries to claim he was cheated.