Is the Ma Government Blowing Smoke to Cover its Tracks? What is it Hiding? Part 1

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Tuesday April 19, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

With less than a year to go before elections, the Ma government is claiming that there are some 36,000 missing documents that are unaccounted for between the Chen turnover of administration in 2008 and the present time 2011. They claim this is not political but their explanations are lame. Picture the following.

Let us say you work for the government or even for a major corporation and you leave your office or position in 2008; now some three years later you are facing accusations, not that you have, but that you may have not adequately accounted for all documents, classified information etc. from 3 years ago. When would the natural time have been to bring this up, three years ago when matters would be fresh in the mind of both you and your staff or three years later?

Think back to the last time you changed jobs. Now say that three years later the company and/or government that you worked for claims that you have not accounted for all of the records that your office took out of the files. Do you feel you are being set up? Do you feel like they are using this pretext for an investigation that will drag on till the elections at which time they can then say, "oh we found all the documents, no need to investigate further."

The Ma government says its motivation is not political. Ask yourself, when Lee Teng-hui took over with the decease of Chiang Ching-kuo (CCK) was there ever an audit of all documents to see if some documents that could implicate CCK and others in the high profile murders of the 1980s? When Lee was fully elected by all in 1996 was there ever an audit to see if any government documents were missing? When Chen Shui-bian took over from Lee in 2000, was there ever an audit to see if any documents implicating the KMT in any sordid affairs were missing? No audits that I am aware of, certainly none that were broadcast.

Now however, the Ma team claims that there may be a serious breach of confidentiality and supposed danger to national security or hidden cover-ups when Ma took over in May of 2008. Ma's people claim that this all started to come to light in September 2008 since the takeover in may was ceremonial. Questionable???

Then in November of 2008 the SID requested assistance in this matter.

So what does the Ma team do when faced with the fact that as they hint and suggest there may be massive cover-ups and endangerment of national security. They assign 3 staff not to work full time on this, but to work in their off time. Serious business? A dragged out set up?

Now some three years later--a time in which the country supposedly could have gone to hell in the proverbial hand basket, and less than a year before the elections when Ma's poll ratings are dropping, Ma's intrepid three working whenever they choose in off hours all of a sudden come up with the fact that yes over 36,000 documents are unaccounted for.

They do not say the level of seriousness, or the nature of these documents and their classification, they just say 36,000 documents are missing. So they turn it over to the Control Yuan to examine all of this just before not any elections but the elections to the Legislative Yuan and the Presidency.

Of course they also do not say that between 2005 and 2008, the KMT blocked all appointments to the Control Yuan leaving it suffer from attrition as 6 year terms of office ran out. They also do not say that between 2008 and 2011 when they control both Presidency and Legislative Yuan, that by attrition alone, they have pretty well filled the Control Yuan with their people. Now is the time to begin an investigation which can last well into the elections.

Do you think they are blowing smoke to cover their tracks and abuse of power? Allegedly it is all legitimate and as they claim they are simply following the law. Check it out. There is a lot more here than meets the eye.