Taiwan, Isn't It Time to Rid Yourself of the KMT Carpetbaggers and Their One-Party State Jackals Once and For All?

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Friday April 15, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Ah for the good old days of the KMT one-party state, where carpetbaggers could keep the best positions, land and state assets for themselves and if any dissenting or questioning voices were heard they could be jailed and sent to Green Island. Poor Bo Yang, he spent nine years on Green Island because he published a simple satirical cartoon questioning the right of privilege of certain of the KMT leaders. Well, it certainly seems that the KMT regrets that it was dragged kicking and screaming into allowing a democracy in Taiwan. Now as legitimate questions of the selective application of rule of law and the use of a double standard of justice arise, the KMT wants to squelch dissent.

For example, there was the recent open letter to Ma Ying-jeou;for some reason, perhaps because it is a little too close to the truth, seems to have stirred a hornet's nest in the KMT circles. Stay tuned for some coming comments on this.

For starters, we could look at how one KMT legislator, spoken of by some as the illegitimate son of a past KMT leader and therefore a bastard (in the vernacular)descendent of another great KMT leader feels that having bastard status qualifies him to WAG it.

What does WAG it mean? WAGs are Wild Ass Guesses. And one of the WAGs of this bastard descendant is to try to discredit the letter by stating that he doubts it was written in English. You see, the illegitimate one, who no doubt got his job by family connections wants to demonstrate that the letter is part of a deep DPP plot. He will get his answer soon enough from those who wrote the letter in English, but stay tuned for more of the illegitimate one's WAGs and those of others.