What Arrogant Darkness Still Remains in the Hearts of Many KMT?

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Tuesday March 22, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Who has not wondered at the twisted minds of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)? How they could easily inflict 2/28, the White Terror and Martial Law on Taiwanese simply because they wanted to maintain their one-party state? Who has not wondered at what arrogant darkness filled certain KMT hearts that they could order and sanction the high profile murders in the 1980s, Chen Wen-cheng, Henry Liu and especially the Lin family children? Who has not hoped that after Taiwan won its democracy, the KMT might finally have changed? Unfortunately arrogance dies hard, and even though the KMT can no longer openly insist on its sense of entitlement and privilege, the arrogance remains. It cannot remain hidden.

In 2009, some of it was exposed in the blatant racial prejudice of Kuo Kuan-ying, the KMT officer assigned to the Government Information Office (GIO) in Toronto. Kuo took delight in repeatedly posting insulting comments on the web on how redneck Taiwanese Taibazi should appreciate that the high class KMT rescued them from their ignorance and stupidity. The low class Taiwanese should be happy to lick the boots of the privileged KMT.

Two years later, when Kuo's scandal had barely died down, along comes Chao Chih-hsun the director of the office of KMT Legislator Huang Chao-shun. Chao showed that in true KMT fashion his prejudice extends not only to Taiwanese but also Japanese. As Japan suffered under earthquake and tsunami, and the world mourned at their loss and suffering, Chao spoke the opposite. He wished he could "attack Tokyo and kill tens of millions of people." He did not "regard them (the Japanese) as human beings;" he "laughs" as he watches the suffering on TV. This is the true KMT; this is what still hides in their hearts. This is the wretchedness of their feelings of superiority.

KMT Legislator Huang gave Chao a slap on the wrist and took away his title but he remains in the office and probably did not even get a pay cut. Is this what Taiwanese want? Do they still want to vote for these people and indulge them in their arrogant sense of entitlement?