Jason Hu, Taichung, Add Road Rage to Common Crimes

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Monday February 28, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Voters do get what they deserve and it seems the citizens of Taichung are happy with their rising crime rates. If you remember, after nine years, the return elected Jason Hu said that he would finally get down to cleaning up the crime record of the city. His already famous quote "Now is the time for action, not declaration" still shows that after nine years, action is not there. Road rage has entered the long list of crimes in Taichung.

About two days after Jason's quote, alleged drug dealer Wu Chun-hung (gun in car of course) was driving by a night market. Another driver at the time let loose a tirade of curses and abuse and Wu apparently decided it was directed at him. As any good Taichung citizen, he whipped out his gun and fired two shots at the other driver. Hit, the other driver then swerved into a scooter spilling its driver and passenger. All three are seriously hurt.

So goes life in Taichung, but don't worry citizens, Jason Hu says "now is the time for action." Really?