Another Slap in the Face for Taiwan under Ma Ying-joke

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Sunday February 13, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

The farce and the charade of Taiwan's president Ma continue increasing the reasons why the people call him Ma Ying-joke. Take for example the bogus 1992 Consensus. In a statement issued yesterday, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC)proudly stated that its negotiations with China were conducted under the framework of the Republic of China (ROC) Constitution and not any "one China" policy. The MAC continued that it has upheld the sovereignty and dignity of Taiwan and that exchanges with China are conducted under the 1992 Consensus, a consensus that everyone (except Ma and his government) acknowledges was made up.

At the same time the MAC's statement came out, the Central Bank of the Republic of China found itself getting the shaft by China. At the regional Conference of Governors of South East Asian Central Banks, China insisted that Taiwan's Central Bank have its name changed. Instead of the Central Bank of the Republic of China, it is now to be called The Central Bank, Chinese Taipei.

Say what? The Central Bank of the Republic of China (ROC) had been a member of that organization since 1992, the year when the bogus 1992 Consensus was created. Why then when the People's Bank of China joined the organization this year does the Central Bank ROC have to change its name?

What happened to protecting the nation's sovereignty and dignity by the government of Ma Ying-joke? What happened to the alleged 1992 Consensus of both sides respecting each other? Not only does Taiwan have to hide its flag when Chinese delegates appear, but now its organizations have to change their name. Who is fooling who?

Why doesn't the government of the phony pony take responsibility for the present? If Ma wants to say that there is a consensus between his government and that of China, why does he not have to take responsibility for establishing it. Why hide behind a past that never happened?

Such is life for Taiwanese under a cowardly president, a president who always passes the buck and seeks a scapegoat. At this stage one can only wonder what insult will China conjure up next?