The KMT Blames the DPP for the KMT's Gangster Connections and Corruption: Go Figure???

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Thursday December 09, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Despite hundreds of witnesses, lie-detector tests, confessions and videos of the crime scene, the police seem no closer to solving the shooting of Sean Lien in the face and the killing of an innocent bystander at the KMT rally. Is it police incompetence or does the KMT government of Ma Ying-jeou not want the truth to come out?

The shooter, a local gangster, said he shot the wrong man. He did not want to shoot Sean Lien; he wanted to get the KMT candidate for the City Council. According to the gangster it was the result of a crooked land deal gone wrong between them. On the other hand Sean Lien still seems to think the gangster wanted to shoot him raising the question what crooked and corrupt deal had gone wrong between the gangsters and the Lien family. Whatever way you look at it, it was a deal that went wrong between the KMT and their gangster connections.

Ma Ying-jeou said it was an assault on the nation's democracy and I would agree with him; the KMT's crooked past and gangster connections have always been an assault on the nation's democracy. This time it spilled out into the public scene and an innocent bystander is dead as a result.

Chiu Yi, the KMT attack dog, speaking with typical apparent malice and lack of thought, immediately used the occasion to blame the DPP for the KMT's gangster connections. How so? I guess people have not yet figured out that the KMT has always avoided responsibility for its corruption from the 1930s in China up to the present day.

Will the case be solved and the truth come out? Don't bet on it. Under the phony pony, all the nation can expect is a stall while the KMT hopes that it will all blow away.