Taiwan and the Murder that Almost Never Really Happened.

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Saturday December 04, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

A man was murdered in front of thousands of spectators at a KMT rally on election eve in Taiwan and yet it is treated as if it never happened. The death of the man has been barely acknowledged by the media and others. Who was he? How did he come in the line of fire? Why was he there? Numerous questions could be asked about 29-year-old Huang Yun-sheng, but no one even bothers to ask.

Granted that there should be interest in whether Sean Lien was the target of the shooting, why there seem to have been so many gangsters at a KMT election rally and why Tu Yi-kai, the campaign director of KMT candidate Chen Hung-yuan immediately left for China after the shooting. All of these questionable circumstances should be fully examined by the police.

Granted also that there should be sensitivity to the family of Huang in their time of sorrow, but the fact remains why has there been so little mention in the media of this? It is as if Huang never did exist and the shooting never really happened. Why?