Gangland-style Hit at KMT Election Rally Raises Questions

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Saturday November 27, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Lien Chan's son, Sean, was shot at near point blank range while campaigning for a KMT candidate in Sinbei City raising many questions. Was Lien Chan's son the intended victim? The captured shooter expressed that he had mistaken Sean for the candidate. At last report he said there were differences between him and the candidate's father, which one would presume were monetary.

The attempted hit was clearly gangland style which raised more questions. What was the motivation? Why would a gangster want to take revenge on Lien Chan's son, if he were the intended victim. Or what were the differences between the KMT candidate's father and the shooter, that he would attempt a gangland hit on the son. Why would the KMT candidate run afoul of gangsters? Hopefully it will be cleared up soon.