Ma's Pro-China Policy Turning Into Shambles: But He Says It is Working; Will Voters Believe Him?

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Tuesday November 23, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

After a slap in Taiwan's face at the Tokyo Film Festival, and another slap with the Chinese Set-up to keep Yang Shu-chun from facing off against China's gold medalist hope, Ma Ying-joke still wants Taiwanese to trust his kow-towing to China is helping not harming Taiwan. Now comes new news that must be making his staff run like chickens with their heads cut off. El Salvador appears to be on the verge of switching its recognition from the Republic of China to the People's Republic of China.

This is bad news if it happens and certainly the Ma team must be trying desperately to at least get El Salvador to delay doing it until after the upcoming elections. Voters can ask the obvious. Has anything Ma promised ever developed?

Or, what has happened in the last two plus years under Ma? Is there any movement toward 6-3-3? Have the promised 3000 Chinese tourists a day ever materialized let alone brought any significant income. Are people finally seeing the phony pony for what he is?

Rebiya Kadeer recently warned the world about China again as she spoke at a banquet in Washington. She is one who would know the duplicity of China first hand, and she watched how her homeland in Chinese occupied East Turkestan continues to be destroyed by China. Denied entry into Taiwan, she still knows Taiwan's danger; she promised. "I will visit Taiwan one day, regardless of one person and his administration." I wonder who that one person, the lackey of China she refers to is, or have you already guessed.