Ang Lee Chooses Taiwan as Location for Upcoming Film, "Life of Pi"

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Sunday November 21, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Ang Lee honored his home country, Taiwan, by choosing it as a location for the upcoming film, the "Life of Pi," that he will be directing. Lee has always made the distinctive point that he is Taiwanese and not Chinese and so endeared himself to the people of this nation.

The film "Life of Pi" will be a challenge for Lee, but given his past record, Lee has more than proven himself in rising to the challenge in taking on a variety of challenging and provocative film topics and garnering numerous awards including Oscars for his directive skills.

To compliment Lee, the complex story "Life of Pi" had won numerous literary awards as it raised questions about life, the meaning of life, power, and survival. It will be a good match and we look forward to the results.