The Hypocritical KMT Are Starting to Grasp at Straws, But Then It is Election Time.

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Friday November 19, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

This Sunday, the hypocritical KMT still have not returned the stolen state assets of Taiwan; those are the assets that made the KMT what some estimate as the richest political party in the world. Not to worry, the KMT who count on Taiwanese having poor memories, have decided to call an anti-corruption march to gain votes for their Taipei mayoral candidate Hau Lung-bin. Yes that is the same Hau whose Deputy Secretary took the fall for him in the recent cost-inflation, and cost overrun scandals in the Taipei Floral Show and the Xinyi Overpass Rip-off.

Of course the KMT is a little pressed to find people to march. They have requested President Ma Ying-jeou--he is the one whose secretary took the fall for depositing a half a million US$ dollars into Ma's bank account. Like the tooth fairy, the public is asked to believe that the secretary acted solely on his own and that he periodically goes around depositing money freely into people's bank accounts--as long as those people are KMT.

Mayor Hau will be there since his deputy took the fall in the city scandals and maybe Mayor Hau's father will be there. The father is the one who was involved in the Lafayette Frigate Scandal where hundreds of millions of dollars were tossed around. Hau's father got off because there was not enough evidence to point to who put what money where and the one person who was to blow the whistle was apparently murdered. By whom, well there are a number of military officers etc. including Hau's father who might have signed off on that one.

Maybe they will also ask Jason Hu to come up from Taichung. Jason Hu is the KMT mayor of Taichung remember--the one whose corrupt police force play mahjong with alleged gangsters and recently witnessed a gangland slaying in one said gangster's office.

Then of course they could get Diane Lee, the KMT Legislator from Taipei who was convicted of illegally ripping the country off of over 3 million US$ dollars.

With this lineup, an anti-corruption march does test the credibility of the voters so the KMT has decided to cross another bridge of hypocrisy. They have been consistently backing President Ma's "let's not offend our brothers in China" policy; however of course it is election time. So once again they will trot out their lip service sayings that they are really pro-Taiwan at heart. This is particularly poignant since they realize that the public is infuriated at the shabby results and treatment that their pro-China policies have wreaked on Taiwan.

As was said, it is election time, so it is time for them to do their temporary about face. Since their anti-corruption march may not draw too many marchers, they need to cash in the public anger. Thus Sunday's march will be both anti-corruption and a protest against Taiwan's shabby treatment at the games in China. One wonders how many Taiwanese will really be taken in by this hypocrisy.