TV Talk Show Host Cheng Hung-yi Tells it Like it Is in Taiwan

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Wednesday November 10, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwanese, are you tired of listening to the deception and double talk of the phony pony? Are you tired of Ma Ying-joke playing by double standards? Are you tired of the hypocrisy of the KMT as they take a holier than thou attitude after they have consistently ripped the country off for half a century and their mayoral candidates continue to do so? TV Talk Show Host, Cheng Hung-yi finally told it like it is recently while speaking at a private rally last week.

Is Ma Ying-joke the son of a turtle? You be the judge. Who has consistently hid the ROC flag when representatives of China show their face on the island. Who had Taiwanese students beaten up so that Chen Yun-lin would not have to look on the ROC flag while he was in Taiwan? Who by his silence allowed referees to try and prevent students from showing the flag and sanctioned the lame name of Chinese Taipei for minor sporting events in Taiwan? No one but the turtle.

Who promised 6-3-3 and never delivered? Who speaks of justice while the illegal and corrupt KMT like Diane Lee plainly walk the streets? Who even claims he should pay Chinese students stipends because in his alternate universe they are subjects of the ROC--even though he hides the flag when Chinese representatives show themselves. That's right the phony pony.

Fortunately there is Cheng Hung-yi who can speak out what millions of Taiwanese feel in their hearts. Sure his language was strong, but the feelings of the Taiwanese are strong, especially when they have been constantly played as the fool by the double-serving KMT.

Cheng spoke for himself and for the Taiwanese people, not for any particular candidate. He said what millions have felt; perhaps now that he has said it, more will feel the need to speak out. We have listened to the hypocrisy of Ma long enough.