Taiwan, as the World Turns; of Course, the Secretary Did It--Again

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Saturday October 28, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin is stealing a page from Ma Ying-jeou. Folks in Taiwan will remember how in the past when then Ma was Mayor of Taipei and he was accused of having an extra half a million corrupt dollars in his bank account, Ma gracefully dodged the bullet by saying his secretary put it into his account without Ma's knowledge.

Ah those good old secretaries, where are they when you need an extra half a million dollars (US$)in your bank account. Of all the dozens of secretaries I have had in my life, I never seem to have been able to find one that would put an extra half million into my account.

Anyway, Ma found one that would and so escaped jail time--Ma's secretary did nine months and then got out for good behavior.

But back to Taipei, Mayor Hau is currently besieged with corruption charges on several fronts, and so Hau is claiming that the real corrupt decisions were made by his secretary??? Who is running Taipei city anyway--secretaries?? Maybe we should vote for them in the coming election.

I can see it now; elect Secretary X for a cleaner Taipei; get rid of corruption, vote for Secretary Y etc.

And the Taipei Prosecutors, they seem to be going along with it. If Ma got away with it, why not Hau. Is this what the voters of Taipei want??