As the World Turns, Taiwan, Yang Chiu-hsing Backtracks on His Word

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Tuesday August 10, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Yang Chiu-hsing went back on his word this past week. When the DPP had held their primaries in May, Yang entered and said he would support the winner whoever it would be; but when he lost, he changed his mind.

This type of thing happens in politics; but still, there is something distasteful about politicians who say that they will play by the rules, but then when they lose by the rules they want to change them and start a new game.

Yang says it is his duty and responsibility to his supporters--supporters?? What that means is that the people who were hoping to get jobs from Yang if he won, paid money to support him. If he is not in the race, they have no chance to get jobs from him. So they cut off the money supply.

Yang's supporters are not committed DPP; they are simply people hoping to get favors. They are not people with ideals or standing by the party's ideology.

What are my thoughts? If Yang agrees to one set of rules and then changes when they don't favor him, he would not make a good or reliable mayor. He will go to the highest bidder. And he is a person who sees his position as giving out favors--not a good rule in politics.

I would hope that the voters of Kaohsiung would get rid of such.