Kuo Kuan-ying, Remember that High-Class KMT Mainlander?

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Saturday May 29, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

The long arm of the law finally caught up with Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Kuo Kuan-ying as he was sentenced to either pay a small fine (NT$ 50,000) or serve 50 days in jail for defaming National Taiwan Univ. professor Chen Shih-meng and political commentator Chin Heng-wei. Kuo if you have forgotten was a KMT government official serving in Toronto who in 2008 proclaimed that he was a "High-Class Mainlander" and bemoaned the fact that his talents were wasted serving these low-class Taiwanese redneck farmers. In typical style of old guard KMT; Kuo implied that the Taiwanese should thank the KMT Mainlanders for oppressing the Taiwanese and forcing their "culture" on them.

Ironically Kuo had defamed Chen and Chin by calling them dogs who used violence to oppress the weak in the cause of independence, while at the same time he advocated that China come over to Taiwan and use force for several years to suppress the Taiwanese and knock the democratic sense of independent freedom out of their minds. Naturally some Taiwanese felt that the beggar Kuo should be sent back to China where they might appreciate his High-Class Mainlander style.

With further irony, in the same breadth that he advocated that the one-party state authoritarian People's Republic of China (PRC) goons come over and repress the Taiwanese, Kuo claimed that his remarks were justified under freedom of speech, something that the KMT denied the Taiwanese all through their forty year agony of Martial Law. Now let us see what the KMT Diane Lee's defense is for taking US$3 million from the Taiwanese as she made laws for a country that she was prepared to abandon at a moment's notice.