Taiwan and China, Geographically Close but Miles Apart Otherwise

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Friday March 26, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan and China are two countries separated by some 100 miles of the Taiwan Strait; they are close but so far apart in so many ways. Take today for example, it is ironic that as Google is leaving China because it no longer wishes to be part of its censorship of news and information, in Taiwan, Portico Media is launching WOW (Watch our World) tv. With WOW tv, Portico presents what it terms a "bouquet" of channels for Taiwan on Chunghwa Telecom's IPTV (Internet Protocol television) MOD (Multimedia on Demand).

Now this is not an advertisement or a promotion; it is just an observation. Taiwan has many sources of information including search engines as uncensored Google. The bouquet of channels that happen to be offered by WOW tv includes 5 Universal Networks International channels--Universal Channel, Hallmark Channel, SCI FI, Kidsco, CNBC and 2 European channels--Euronews and DW Asia. It means that Taiwanese will have access to additional multiple sources of news, beyond the many it already has.

There are also many other existing news channels and programs available to Taiwanese. The point is simple. One country wants to restrict, censor and control what its citizens get and the other country provides more and more unrestricted sources. Where would you rather live?