Taiwan's Ma Ying-jeou Continues to Invite Voters to Live in his Fantasy World

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Friday February 19, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Caught in another faux pas, Taiwan's sometime-president, Ma Ying-jeou, (a.k.a. Ma the Incompetent) crawfished backwards from his recent statement that China and Taiwan were two different nations. In an effort to save face, Ma has chosen instead to continue to invite Taiwan and the world to join him in his make-believe, fantasy world. Key to that world is the out-dated and out-moded 1947 Constitution of the Republic of China (ROC). In Ma's fantasy world, the ROC is the sovereign nation of China and the People's Republic of China (PRC) is a non-entity. According to Ma, he does not recognize the sovereignty of the PRC nor their rulers' rightful existence. Skip the fact that they do hold the United Nation's seat for China. All that Ma will concede is a "non-denial" of their existence in that nebulous "area" on the other side of the Taiwan Strait.

Nevertheless, if Ma really and sincerely believes in this fantasy world, questions arise. Why has he refused to let the ROC flag be shown in sports games in Taiwan when China was there displaying its flag? Why did he have the ROC flag hidden when Chen Yunlin visited from China? Why is he feverishly working to get an ECFA agreement with this area that has only a "non-denial" of its existence? Why has Ma appeared as Mr. Ma and not President Ma when China's representatives meet him? That is a lot of flip-flopping from someone in Ma's fantasy world. Perhaps we should ask, how many fantasy worlds does Ma live in?

This is the problem that Taiwanese voters must face up to in the upcoming and all future elections. Not only do they have an incompetent president, but they have one who insists on living in a fantasy world. Is this the leadership they want? They bought a used-car from this delusional salesman once, when he promised them...er cent national growth two years ago and it immediately began dropping to the 2nd percentile. Do they want to do it again?