Taiwan, Where's the Beef Protest Photos

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Wednesday November 25, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

In the previous posting, mention was made of the protest made by thousands of Taiwanese on the slipshod way that Ma Ying-jeou was handling Taiwan's international affairs. In this particular case, the problem was the questionable deal made on accepting tainted beef products that could endanger the health of Taiwan's citizens. Why was Ma so quick to make a deal, what was the quid pro quo in accepting dangerous products? Later Ma tried to dance around his acceptance saying in effect, we have accepted poisonous products but our testing of them will render them inedible. In other words, we are purposely spending (read wasting) tax dollars in buying useless products. Why do such? What was the quid pro quo in buying food to throw away. For photos of the protest, go to the left and click on the blue word Protest. Then select the subset of protest for Nov. 14, 09.