Taiwan's Dream Community Parade, Fun for All

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Tuesday October 20, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

What are dreams made of? Taiwan has its answer. From media reports, one may be tempted to think that Taiwan is all politics and business, but there are other more delightful sides as well. One such side is the Dream Community under direction of Gordon Tsai which on October 17th held its eighth annual carnival parade in the streets of Taipei. This year's theme treated Taiwan's unique identity, a blending of the variety of Taiwan's aborigines with the many others who migrated here from China and elsewhere. How does that identity show itself? Creativity knows no bounds. Just view the pictures of the Dream Community parade and see for yourself.

Creativity flowed as all ages from young and old participated in this combination of Taiwanese identity experience plus cos-play, fantasy, hope and fun. Foreign artists from other countries added their touch as well, rafts of drummers kept a samba beat for marching and the final result was "fun for all." To see the photos go to the left and find the designation for Parades. Click on it and they will appear. To enlarge any photo, move the mouse till "full resolution" appears. Enjoy it as if you were there.