Is Ma the Incompetent Becoming Ma the Fawning Dog?

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Monday October 12, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

6-3-3, how those numbers must haunt the mind of Ma the Incompetent. Or let us rephrase, how they would haunt the mind of Ma the Incompetent if he were a person who felt responsible for the truth, accuracy and sincerity of what he says. Unfortunately, there are many in Taiwan who don't have that opinion of Ma. Even the foreign media is starting to catch on to the two-faced façade that he and his PR team have built in the past decade. But that is not the point here; it seems that a new name for Ma is developing among the Taiwanese people, Ma the Fawning Dog.

The deserved name of Ma the Incompetent has already been demonstrated by many who point to not just his lackluster record as Mayor of Taipei but even to the many boondoggles that happened under his watch. But why are people beginning to call him Ma the Fawning Dog?

This is not a recent occurrence. There were hints when he was Mayor of Taipei, but it has intensified since he became President. As a result a debate is developing in Taiwan circles. Has Ma become a fawning dog because he is desperate to bring the economy up to at least close to the level it was under the former president, Chen Shui-bian, and before it tanked under Ma's 6-3-3? Does Ma feel that the People's Republic of China (PRC) is his only hope? Or has he always been a fawning dog because he believes the "one China" myth that both the PRC and the Republic of China (ROC) have jointly been trying to foist on the Taiwanese and he needs the PRC help on this?

Before we examine that, another clarification is needed. Ma claims he was elected on the promise to improve the economy; that is true for that was the point of his exaggerated 6-3-3 promise. However it is not true as Ma further claims that he was elected because he promised to improve the economy through increased contact and dependence on the PRC. That second part has been tacked on by his staff and sycophant appointees and is used as an excuse to explain his fawning ways.

That clarification made, return to Ma's increased fawning. Ma of course tries to counter his criticism by claiming that cross-strait ties have improved. But have they? To be sure, China has been quiet, but it has no reason to speak out since Ma jumps at their slightest suggestion. If a potential problem appears on the horizon, all China has to do is hint that its feelings are hurt and Ma rolls over and plays dead. A visit by Rebiya Kadeer the Uighur residing in the USA? No way, she is a terrorist. Should there be a national day parade? An excuse is found to cancel that. Should the nation's flag be shown at international events "in Taiwan's house?" Not if the PRC is there. Should the human rights of Taiwan's citizens be repressed to avoid offending a visiting low-ranking PRC official? Why not? These are a few samples of Ma's actions.

However, what is more surprising is the fact that it is not just green voters that are suspicious of Ma; the true supporters of the ROC (not just its profiteers) feel he is betraying them as well. With a long history of fighting Communist control, they wonder why Ma almost appears ashamed to stand up for the historical position of the ROC before China. For although at times Ma will invoke the outmoded Constitution of the ROC in the strangest of circumstances for Taiwan, yet when the PRC is involved, it seems Ma has never heard of the exclusivity of the Constitution.

If Ma had a reputation for competence, there would be a potential reason to give him some benefit of the doubt in his dealings with China, but Ma's past performance and his proclivity to never accept responsibility are his own condemnation. More and more do not trust him and wonder what secret deals either national or monetary-wise are being worked out in the non-transparent developments on ECFA.

All these give rise to the question that is increasingly on the minds of all, why is Ma being such a fawning dog?