As the World Turns in Taiwan III: Reallity Check for the Rest of the World

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Monday July 20, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

The World Games are now taking place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan but many in the world and certainly in the USA do not even know that they are. Why? Because the media do not really reflect international news. Check your media, have they reported on the games? If not, time to do some self-examination and a reality check on how much you should trust your local media.

The World Games date back to 1981. This year they are in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. That is Taiwan, not Thailand. So do you know it? Probably not. Why? Because your local media is either trying to snub them, or they do not deem them noteworthy enough even though 105 countries are taking part in them.

What does that say? Your local media is not cosmopolitan; it is provincial. They not only are provincial but they want you to be such in a global universe. Out to lunch? Not on top of their game? Those are true to be sure, but they also don't want to reveal the political games that China (the great provider of poisoned toys, pet food etc.) is playing with the nation of Taiwan. Time to get out of your provincial doldrums and do a reality check with the world and the values you hold.