Jason Yuan, Another KMT Case of Deceit and So-So Loyalty to Taiwan?

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Thursday May 14, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Remember the weeks and months of denials and protestations of innocence we had to endure in the recent case of Diane Lee's loyalty to Taiwan? Well, Lee, the illegal member of Taiwan's Legislative Yuan kept saying she did not have a US passport etc. etc. till she finally resigned and ran off with over US$3 million dollars of illegally earned money from Taiwan. It now seems like another Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) case of so-so KMT loyalty to Taiwan is in the wind. This is over Jason Yuan's now-he-has-it, now-he-doesn't green card. "Next Magazine" has once again exposed the fast and loose practices of KMT members.

Yuan's case has more holes than Swiss cheese. It seems that Jason applied for a green card and permanent residency for the USA back in 2004. Did he get it? Not sure. But on August 4th of 2008 he was appointed to his current position in the USA. Then on August 26, the US government said it has approved his application for a green card, but did not mail it to him??? What's this, the US is 4 years behind times??? And why did they wait until Feb. 2009 to mail Jason Yuan the green card???

Jason Yuan further claims he told his lawyers to cancel his green card application in June 2008 when he was appointed Taiwan representative to the USA. Why so late in the game? Then why was it approved in August??? Now Jason claims he has met with the US AIT office for them to admit their mistake. Their mistake?? Yuan claims he never obtained US permanent residency - something forbidden if he is to be a Taiwan representative there. It seems that Diane Lee also claimed that the US had made an error in her citizenship etc. etc. This case is going to need follow up and someone like Solomon to sort out the details of he does/he doesn't, he did/he didn't matters of state. Stay tuned, if it is anything like Diane Lee's case it looks like it will drag on and on.