Taiwan, You Gotta Love This Place!

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Tuesday April 28, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan, you gotta love this place! Have you ever wondered why Taiwan's economy under President Ma Ying-jeou continues to be in the doldrums? Well it seems that Ma's minister without portfolio and chief economic advisor, Chu Yun-peng, often cuts out during work hours to go on dates with his girlfriend. Just what Taiwan needs? Caught on different occasions by Next magazine, Chu has been forced to resign. His excuses, however, proved to the most interesting part of this escapade.

Chu stated that the reason he goes out on dates with his girlfriend during work hours is that he often has to work late at night and sometimes on weekends. Say what? Now there is the perfect excuse to feed your boss. Perhaps Chu will start a trend, allowing anyone who works overtime or on weekends the perfect bon mots to explain his/her actions. One is tempted to ask Chu, why don't you just work full time during the day and then you will be free to go out on weekends with your girl like everyone else, but let's not go there.

What next? Well, Chu said that he would continue his teaching career at National Central University. After all it will be much easier for him to date during school hours; there, he only needs to get a graduate student to step in and cover his classes. And President Ma? He will have to get another minister without portfolio and advisor for Taiwan's economy.