The KMT's Diane Lee Takes Her Illegal US$ 3Million Dollars and Runs

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Saturday January 31, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

If westerners or others want to understand the double standard in application of justice and media coverage in Taiwan, they need look no further than the Chinese Nationalist Party's (KMT) hypocritical former legislator Diane Lee. The controversy of Lee's illegal possession of dual citizenship has been going on for over a year with Lee failing to prove her innocence. With a recent press statement, Diane Lee had the gall to claim that since she has resigned from her position as a KMT legislator, she now does not have to produce any documents that would bare her falsehood. In essence, the KMT's Diane Lee is trying to take her illegally earned money (US$ 3 million) and run. The KMT dominated legislature is doing nothing about it. How can thieves accuse one of their own?

I have written plenty on this in previous posts. Ms Lee's recent statement continues to exemplify the perverse sense of entitlement that KMT members have always claimed for themselves and their ill-gotten positions and wealth in Taiwan. But beyond that, the real perversion lies in the number of gullible Taiwanese who put up with it. This is not just those who voted for Lee and for other KMT candidates, it is those who have tolerated the pan-blue media portrayal of this rip-off as something acceptable. It was only when Taiwanese took to the streets and demanded Lee's faked proof that she was forced to resign.

The KMT has always dominated the Legislative Yuan and hence appointments to the Control Yuan. Though these belong to them until the next election as well as the presidency with the little white rabbit that does not want to get his paws dirty, the streets still belong to the people. Since the KMT refuses to move, it seems they are again forcing the people to do what they must for justice.

Tomorrow I will present several reasons why Chen Shui-bian will not get a fair trial under the KMT presidency of Ma Ying-jeou.