St. Andrew's Ball, Scottish Dancing Anyone?

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Sunday September 14, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

This year the St. Andrew's ball will be celebrated on November 1st at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Every year I have posted about it since 2004; if anyone wants to see past photos just go to the heading "Another Side" click on and find the four sub-albums on St. Andrew's Ball for each year. If anyone out there will be in Taiwan at that time and would like to go, you are more than welcome and we still have some room at our table (room for 3). Just go back to postings at the end of November or early December and you will see more of the details. Contact me if you are interested in joining the Scottish community in one of the best celebrations in Taiwan.

Other details; it goes from champagne cocktails at 6pm through dinner, past tons of dancing, breakfast at 2 am and closing at 4 am. It is not for the faint of heart. Cost is a tad pricey, NT$4,200 a person but you have all you can drink in that ten hour period, plus two meals and both traditional dancing and DJ dancing. Plus there are seven nights of free practice lessons in Scottish folk dancing before the ball.

Treat yourself to a good time, contact me and join us.