Ma's New Brainchild; Give China's 1.3 billion Multiple Entry Visas

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Monday August 25, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Ma Ying-jeou, Taiwan's President, the president that does not want to be called president, the same one that said that Taiwan's sovereignty is not important, has come up with a new brainchild. (Notice that he does not talk about the economy after his last economic brainchild failed in less than a month.)So speaking on Kinmen where many died to defend the island against the atacking Chinese, Ma decided that the real answer was to just open the doors and let them in.

What next? Well then after giving them multiple entry visas, Ma is probably just waiting to suggest that Taiwan should also let the 1.3 billion Chinese vote in Taiwan's elections, after all remember sovereignty does not matter for Ma and Ma wants to be Mr. Friendly. As someone put it succinctly though perhaps crassly, Ma is bending over and handing China the vaseline. Ma calls it his "new flexible diplomacy" and he does it with a smile.