Taiwan Post Election Awards II

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Friday May 23, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Diane Lee qualifies for the "Not Me" Award. Legislator Diane Lee states that she no longer holds US citizenship, because she became a legislator. However, US Citizenship requires that a person in such a position must write a formal letter for such. Someone needs to tell Diane that simply putting your US Passport in a drawer and using your Taiwan Passport for the duration does not qualify for giving up one's US citizenship. No formal letter has been produced. There is more however.

KMT Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung qualifies either for the "Gullibility of the Year" Award, or the "Defend Your Party Regardless of its Illegality" Award. Wu said he believed that Lee had cancelled her US citizenship on her word alone. The fact that Lee if guilty would have to pay back some US$3.29 million dollars, may have made her want to fudge a little. Likewise, one can bet there are many others in the KMT who have been taking Taiwan taxpayer dollars for their government offices while holding escape valve passports to the USA; Wu may be trying to protect more than Lee. Show us the notarized formal rejection Ms. Lee.