China, Tibet, Feng-shui and More?

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Saturday May 17, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

It may be post hoc reasoning, but with the problems of the Olympic Torch relay, the recent disasters in China, and in particular the earthquake in Sichuan Province, the Feng-shui masters and commentators in Taiwan have been having a field day on the airwaves. The first point taken focused on the bringing of the Olympic Torch to the top of Mount Everest. This upset the balance of nature and earth; Fire (the torch) should never be over water (the ice and snow on the mountain). Naturally the earth protested and hence the massive earthquake in Sichuan. Pride goeth before the fall.

It didn't end there. The numerologists have gotten into the act. The Olympics were set to start on the 8th day of the 8th month at 8pm in 2008. A good omen and a propitious number, however, for every action there is a reaction; a majestic mountain will have its valley and so 88 days before the Olympics came the earthquake. Can't argue with 8 balancing 8.

The Olympic dolls have also been brought under scrutiny. The golden swallow had its disaster in the train wreck in San Dong; the earth goat had the riots in Tibet, the fire torch had the Olympic Torch protests, panda (wood) brought the earthquake in Sichuan. That only leaves the fish (water) to bring the next disaster. Any guesses where that might be?

You have to love these guys; there is a reason and explanation for everything; which certainly keeps life interesting. Retributionists on the other hand are more direct. China's wish to control Tibetan religion and its trampling on Tibetan culture has brought a justified vengeance. Whatever one's beliefs, it does make you think.