Taiwan, China, and the Olympics; This Is Not About Politics. Thank God!

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Monday April 21, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

The selection of China for the Olympics was not political; it was just done to legitimize the claim that China despite Tiananmen Square and despite its dismal human rights record is on a peaceful rise. After all Tiananmen Square was ages past, and China has changed, so China deserves the Olympics because China has been begging to prove it is a legitimate world player. Certainly China wants to show it can crack heads and get away with it. That's not politics it is --- Well let's move on. As the Olympic torch has passed through various countries, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was told that it should abdicate its responsibility for sponsoring the torch run because China felt the IOC was not doing the proper job of protection. After all, who is in charge of the Olympics? We are not talking politics; it may be abdication, but well it is --- Well let's move on. Yes China has dictated that its goons and thugs should take charge of the torch relay, for China is on a peaceful rise, and only China can best express this to the world and the rest of you idiots better shape up. Tibetans you should be thankful that China is bringing in all those Chinese shopkeepers to run the businesses in your captive country; let the Han Chinese citizens trash Tibetan culture. That's not politics, that's business right?

Nevertheless, even with its own goons and thugs guarding the torch, China has not been satisfied. The French did a poor job in assisting them. Therefore all Chinese have been told to boycott Carrefour stores and other French related businesses. All other countries better shape up; this is China's peaceful rise and you better not get in its way.

So, the Olympic Torch, the flame of freedom and hope now continues under the protective care of China's thugs, and has gone to Pakistan. In Pakistan, China decided that the torch run should be a private showing, just Chinese delegates and selected Pakistanis, for this is not political, it is just China's right to dictate. As for the flame of freedom and hope; it is not for everyone, it is only for those that China wishes to invite to the show.

When the torch progresses towards Mount Everest, China has also gotten neighboring Nepal to issue death warrants and shoot any people who dare to express a contrary opinion to the popularity of China rising, or China's dominance of Tibet. This would be interfering with China's show. It may be murder, but it is not about politics, for the Olympics are not about politics are they?

Strangely amidst all this hubbub throughout the world, there is an ironic satisfaction in Taiwan; for Taiwan under the presidency of Chen Shui-bian told China that it could stuff the Olympic Torch going through Taiwan if China wanted to use that torch for political gains. That was under the out-going administration of Taiwan; Taiwan is fortunate that the in-coming administration will not have time to have a say on the torch coming to Taiwan.

There is still more to come. The Chinese government has banned all factories near Beijing from belching forth their environmental pollution during the months of July and August. China does not want to give the world the wrong impression of its peaceful rise. The factories can resume their pollution afterwards, but during the Olympics the visitors must see how clean China is. After the visitors are gone, the factories can pour forth all the filth they want; they can even work overtime, but not during the Olympics, for China is a clean place. In the same vein, all foreign students are having their visas canceled for the summer months. Students can reapply and resume classes after the Olympics; but China cannot afford to have any foreigners giving the wrong impression on what is happening in China.

There is still one final thing. The Chinese government is now contemplating new rules for the Olympics, for after all China is in charge of the Olympics not the IOC. And China wants to make sure that all give proper recognition to its peaceful rise. So, all athletes who wish to participate in the Olympics must sign a pledge that they will not try to win anything more than a bronze medal. China is the host nation; it has been unfairly humiliated too often in the past. It deserves respect for its peaceful rise over the bodies of so many including its own. If other athletes embarrass China, China will not be responsible for the results. Any athlete who dares to try to win a silver will be immediately expelled; and if one would be so brazen as to try to win a gold, well, remember Nepal.

The Middle Kingdom of Pollution, Poison, and Propaganda is not satisfied with being the Middle Kingdom of these things in Asia; it wants to share this dream with the world. Right now in true Cultural Revolution fashion China is already mustering up its brain-washed little minions to wear their red shirts with "One Dream, One Nation" printed on them to spread its word around the world. Soon China will want everyone to wear a red shirt with "One Dream, One World." Isn't that wonderful? This isn't politics in the Olympics; this is politics in the world. Everyone should believe in China's peaceful rise and share its pollution, poison and propaganda. The Middle Kingdom will be the Middle Kingdom once again.