How Does the US State Department Earn its Keep?

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Friday March 21, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Tibet still burns, Iraq is a quagmire where the USA is spending billions, the US economy is tanking and the only thing Thomas Christensen of the US State Department can think of to make a comment on is the democratic right of Taiwan to have a referendum. Shame on Taiwan it is not following the script that US State Department wants it to follow. How strange it is that while the US State Department continues to try and force feed democracies on the world; it continues to reveal that it does not want democracies that are real democracies; it wants only people that will follow its script.

Will someone clue the simpletons at the US State Department in to this reality? The world sees through their embarrassing antics; the world also realizes that no country in the world is following the USA's script. Yet Christensen and the State Department drone on and on. It is not Taiwan's exercise of its democratic right that is "pointless, destabilizing, unhelpful, and not positive" to use Christensen's words; it is the US State Department that is so.

On the other side of the world, another unlikely country, Tibet, is demonstrating that it will not follow China's script. Tibetans are seeking their own sense of self-determination. They are tired of China's oppression and they are taking to the streets. Does China listen? Not on your life.

China can only see fit to blame the Dalai Lama. Ah yes, that blackguard, he is ruining China's peaceful suppression, I mean, peaceful rise. The dastardly Dalai Lama, he is a splittist; he cannot see that it is the divine right of the control freaks of China's Communist cabal to not only determine the lives of others but also their spiritual thoughts.

No Tibet is not following China's script either. As a matter of fact as people around the world begin to ask why the hegemonic bullies of the world demand that others follow their scripts, the only one that seems to be supporting China's script is the US State Department. I guess those cheap poisoned toys still have their appeal.