Look Out Beijing, Here Comes Taiwan!

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Friday March 14, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan is concerned about its upcoming presidential election but it is not the only thing that is hot on the island. Yesterday Taiwan's baseball team qualified for the Olympics and today the 2008 Tour de Taiwan is entering its sixth stage. What all this says is that while China may try as it may to keep Taiwan down, Taiwan is showing the world it is here and it is not a part of the poor old People's Republic of China (PRC).

In the final IBAF Olympic Qualifying Tournament, there were eight teams vying for three spots, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Spain, and South Africa. Canada, South Korea and Taiwan qualified and will go to Beijing. The games were all played in Taiwan and it was nice to see all those foreign countries playing here witnessing that the flag was the ROC flag and not that of the PRC. Let no one think that Taiwan is a part of China.

As for the 2008 Tour de Taiwan; this too is a recognized international event with participation from numerous countries. Once again, its Taiwan baby and not the PRC.