The USA and Britain Continue to Feed the China Propaganda Mill

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Wednesday February 27, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband joined forces in their protracted overkill in trying to destroy democratic Taiwan's right to state its desire to have its 23 million people represented in the United Nations. Their duplicity is all the more evident when starkly contrasted with the bald fact that both the USA and Britain had barely just approved the declaration of independence of a few million people in Kosovo. Somehow the clear bold declaration of independence by Kosovo did not qualify for being provocative in the allegedly harmonious Balkans, but the simple voicing of their wishes of the people of Taiwan would be sending shock waves across the Taiwan Strait. Who is fooling who? And who is bending over backwards to be China's policeman in restricting Taiwan.

Somehow I would have more respect for the credibility of such statespersons if their presentations would go into overkill on how China&'s piling up of missiles aimed at Taiwan and China&'s insistence that any talks between Taiwan and China must begin with the premise that Taiwan submit to China are continued escalations of the stagnant quo.

To dredge up the out-dated, mis-interpreted and mis-applied "one China principle" as an excuse to deny the democratic 23 million people of Taiwan their right of free expression is at best specious. This relic of an age when the USA sought leverage to balance Russia needs to be jettisoned. At a later time I will say more about this for now let me say basically that the USA and the world's one China principle is a "refuge for weasels and hypocrites."

More and more are coming to realize this; we can only hope that there are at least some in the State Department that know it also but are held back by their superiors who cannot fathom why the free citizens of Taiwan do not follow the script they have written for it.