China's Snow Storms Expose its Controlling Cabal's Exploitation of the Masses

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Monday February 04, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

China--never have so many been ruled and controlled by so few! Yes this is the same China which Taiwan knows as its greedy and rapacious neighbor and that despite its inability to take care of its own 1.3 billion people it still always wants to control more. Now as winter storms of ice and snow hit China at its most crucial travel time of the year (Chinese New Year holidays) the chickens have come home to roost and the world sees the other side of China or at least as much as the state-controlled media allows it to.

Most western businessmen and tourists like to glowingly speak of China rising, the exciting free-wheeling Wild West atmosphere of Shanghai, the expanding consumer class of Chinese nouveau riche etc. etc. That is one side of China, the propagandized minute side. The much larger and often ignored side of the poor is the real side.

What kind of country is it where so many millions have to work so far away from where they live so that they can only go home once a year? Why are there not jobs where they live? Why are they ignored as their government spends billions in dollar diplomacy to try and suppress Taiwan's participation in the world, to overspend on building a military power that with no challenger in Asia it does not need? One may have sympathy for the millions of families affected by the winter storms, but their travel problems are just one of their many problems including health, pollution, environment etc. They only get help when emergencies force a temporary and token attention. The government helps them only to the extent that they justify its existence. They provide the small cabal in China's government the justification for its eternal power, "See they need us." It isn't easy for the vast poor of China to be cannon fodder for their indoctrinating masters.

Translated copies of Animal Farm should be passed around. Never have so many be ruled and controlled by so few and so while the controlling cabal that forbids transparency and a free press to hide its real motives of greed, power and ambition goes on its way, sometimes mother nature comes along and exposes it anyway.