Taiwan's 2008 Legislative Yuan Elections Update

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Saturday January 12, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

It appears that there has been only a 58 per cent voter turn out. This has already doomed the referendums. If such a low turn out continues in future elections, any referendum will certainly face extreme difficulties passing with the present rules.

The young do not seem that concerned with matters like the legislative elections; they still do not realize the power the Legislative Yuan holds and how it does affect their lives in a long term way.

Chen Shui-bian has stepped down as Party Chairman--that would be expected.

It now appears that the Blues have well over the 2/3 majority they need to override anything. It looks like they will have 86 of the 113 seats, while the greens will have 27.

The new Legislative Yuan meets in mid-February after the Chinese New Year. The ball is in the Blues court as far as Chen Shui-bian goes.