Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Jerome F. Keating is an educator, trainer, consultant and writer who lives in Taipei, Taiwan. With diverse degrees and certificates from universities such as Michigan, Notre Dame, and Syracuse, he has worked as a professor, human resource specialist, and consultant as well as technology transfer manager on the Taipei and Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit projects. After retiring from National Taipei University, he continues to be active in many fields including writing and political commentary.

His co-authored book, Island in the Stream, a Quick Case Study of Taiwan's Complex History is now in its 4th edition (2008). He wrote a second work, Taiwan the Struggles of a Democracy, which was published in 2006; it has a Chinese translation. A third book Taiwan the Search for Identity came out in early 2008 and is in a bi-lingual format. In 2011, he completed The Mapping of Taiwan, Desired Economies, Coveted Geographies, New Perspectives on Cartography, Competing Monopolies and the Destiny of Taiwan. It has been translated into Chinese; that bilingual version came out in 2017.

In a more philosophic work, The Paradigms that Guide Our Lives and Drive Our Souls (2016) he goes beyond the local issues of the Asia-Pacific to encompass the broad based paradigms that form our lives in physics, metaphysics and phenomenology. This work asks the question of the human race, "Where do we want to go, and what Paradigms do we need to get there?" He has also written three books on language learning.

His 5th and most recent Taiwan book is entitled, Taiwan, the Struggle Gains Focus; in it he continues the thoughts and ideas of the previous four books from 2008 up to Taiwan's 2020 elections. It includes new insights and direction into all that lies ahead for Taiwan.

In his writings on Taiwan, Keating is pro-democracy and applies the African proverb, Until lions have their historians, the tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter to the history of Taiwan. As Taiwan has been buffeted about by the desires, whims and greed of both colonial powers and the hegemonic powers surrounding it, no one has asked the Taiwanese what they want for their country and their lives. Keating's numerous articles and writings express this need and trace the blow-by-blow development of Taiwan's democracy and political struggles as it emerged through the years from the one party state of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) into its present vibrant democracy.

Keating speaks regularly to Taiwanese groups in the United States and Taiwan and participates in conferences. In October 2007, he visited seven European capitals, Brussels, Paris, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin and London with four other scholars. They met with members of parliaments, think-tank's, university professors and students and discussed the need of the twenty-three million people of Taiwan to have space and recognition in the world. His most recent presentation was at the 2017 Isodarco Annual International Seminar on Asia-Pacific Cooperative Security. His presentation focused on Trump and Asia Pacific Security.

Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

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